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Gadgets And Technology

Below is a listing of several internet sites devoted to new gadgets and technology.

Digital Camera Info

Exercise is an important part of being healthy but rest is also just as important.

Bandwidth Test

You can test the bandwidth of your internet connection by clicking on one of the links below. This will let you know just how fast your connection to the internet is from your current location.

Website Tracking

Below are some links for free website tracking software. Tracking users who visit a website and how long they vist can be useful information.


Below is a link that will help you determine if and how you can upgrade your existing system. I recommend that you download the scanner from the link below.


A computer virus is something that runs on a computer system that attempts to or does damage your computer software. This usually happens when an application is downloaded onto your computer and starts to run without your knowledge. In most cases it deletes or modifies files but is capable of doing much more damage. Make sure you have a good anti-virus program running on your computer. If nothing else download a free program off the internet from my links below.

Virus Removal

Once you have a virus on your system a very important thing to have is a virus removal tool. You can find these for free on the internet at many different sites. Below is a list of some common sites.

Dynamic DNS Hosting

Looking for a free DDNS service to host your website?


Spyware is very similar to a computer virus but instead of deleting files they normally cause your system to run very slow. Spyware tries to send out information from your computer to other computers on the internet. It also tries to get other information off the internet and send it to your computer. Download a free program off the internet from my links provided on the right.


The #1 security risk on your computer or mobile device is... "YOU"!!! Thats right, the end user is responsible for perfomring tasks or clicking links that pose a risk to your computer systems. Hackers and scammers hijack your computer and try to trick you into clicking links they provide, calling numbers they provide, or even having you give them your credit card information. Do not fall for these tricks! Below are some links that may help you out.


Listed below are some other tools I use at work and at home.

Your IP Address