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Wine is made from ferminted juice of grapes. Most people know that white wine and red wine are made by winemakers all over the world. However many people are intimidated by wine and think only sophisticated people can drink it.That simply is not the case and wine does not have to be overwelming to anyone. Look at the documents listed below for some basic wine knowledge. I have gathered infomation from many websites and put them together for your reference.

Wine Serving Machine

Listed below are a few links to companies that sells applicances for self service wine tasteing. Check out the way they work and more interesting facts about all the models.


Below are several links to webpages that provide drink recipes. These websites allow you to search for drinks using several search options.

Mixed Drinks

The drinks and shots listed below are some of my favorites that either were crated by us or listed on resturant drink menus..

Click drink name to expand ingredients

Alien Excretion

Buzz Lightyear
Caribou Lou
Crystal Clear
Gallo Mexicano
Hurricane (Catagory 5)
Jedi Mind Trick
Lapu Lapu
Leapin Lizard
Long Beach Ice Tea
Tropical Lifesaver
Washington Apple
Wallaby Darned (Down Under)

Click shot name to expand ingredients

Dark Energy

Dark Matter
Liquid Cocaine